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Custom Writing Service Business: A Magic Wand To a Student?

By using such services every student can order an essay, paper, the whole dissertation done by a professional writer. But why are they getting more and more popular?
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"I need help! Can't think anymore. I am too tired. I need some rest and good sleep", - these are some of the common phrases used by students nowadays. Whether you are doing undergraduate studies or pursue PhD you will have to write a lot of essays, papers, reviews and at the same time read tons of literature, do research, prepare for the exams.... As a result of this enormous demand for writing, we are now facing the rise and popularity of custom writing services, such as EssayMama, NinjaEssays, PapersGear and others that offer professional writing help for a reasonable price. Basically, by using such services every student can order an essay, paper, the whole dissertation done by a professional writer. But why are they getting more and more popular? Do such writing services act like a magic wand to a student or is it the way of cheating and avoiding responsibility?

Let's look at some facts. Custom writing services work with professional and responsible writers who specialize in a certain area of studies. All the writing services put stress on the importance of originality while writing essays or papers; and it means that they understand universities' strict policy regarding plagiarism and do everything possible to avoid it. The most popular subjects such services cover are Art, Sociology, English and Healthcare; the most popular citation styles - APA, MLA, Chicago. Among customers are not only native speakers, but also ESL students. Besides, custom writing services provide also editing, proofreading, formatting and admission essay writing. On average, students order essays from $30 to dissertations that can cost around $5000. They have also the option of ordering only part of the paper: thesis or some chapters.

So, who are the customers of such writing services? Are these just lazy students or students who really need some help? No doubt that like in every business custom writing services try to have professional approach and value their customers. But there are also some downsides of using such services. First of all, it's not that cheap, especially when it comes to ordering the dissertation. Secondly, there is always a human factor and the essay might not be done on time; as a result, you might not meet the deadline and face the consequences of that. Besides, although the work will be original, the paper you submit will not be yours and you might not find the style of writing particularly attractive (your professor might mot find it attractive as well) and there will always be that feeling: "I could have done it better myself".

But what makes more students use such services, buy papers online and cheat while studying? Maybe it's not as simple as just getting lazy; maybe it's about too much pressure and too many expectations; maybe it's about the whole society getting more and more competitive? Not everyone is able to work nonstop; besides, some people need much more time for processing the information than others. Not getting enough sleep, being constantly overloaded with classes, doing too much homework might even lead to nervous breakdown. So, maybe having an opportunity to order essays online from time to time is really like having a magic wand that can save you some precious time?

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