Customer Service and Sales: You Can't Have One Without the Other

Customer service and sales go hand-in-hand, you can't have one without the other. Most people spend most of their time thinking about new customers and forgetting the old, not realizing the high costs of customer acquisition.  

Once you have a customer you better treat them like gold because the reality of it is that a satisfied customer can be a rare thing, awesome customer service is the key. If you want to fight tooth and nail for new customers every day you may as well figure out how to keep them happy and keep them yours. 

If you lose a customer every time you gain one you're just going round and round in circles. Whether you own your business or you're an employee at a business you can't afford to lose past customers.

I often ask people "when does the sale end?" The answer is never.

When we truly love our customers and care enough to give them the types of results we would expect ourselves, we find ourselves rich with customers. 

Think about what types of things you would expect for your own mother, your wife, your children, or your spouse. Is the customer service you're giving good enough for them or would you be disappointed if they were being treated so casually? 

The moment someone introduces them self to me as a customer I immediately thank them for their business even if it's just on social media or in passing.  

We don't intend to treat them poorly, in many cases what you may find is a customer who feels like they weren't treated but poorly, but they didn't feel special. It's not enough to be polite and kind you have to deliver extraordinary results and make those customers feel special. 

There's three things you can do to make sure that you care enough about your customers:

1. Empathy. Put yourself in your customer's shoes and think about how you would want to be treated in the exact same situation.

2. Follow up. Most people are great at the follow-up before money is exchanged but the truly great sales people and business people and customer service people of today continue to follow-up with their customers long after the sale is over; the sale never ends.

3. Over deliver. This is a phrase that I hear all the time and it's become cliché. But over-delivering on what you promise is going to make your customers not only feel special, they'll feel loved. 

There's an exception to every rule (the 1% rule) and not every person can be totally satisfied but the vast majority can and with love and care you will make your customers feel appreciated and special. 

Remember my 10 Commandments of selling, #2. Thou shalt love thy customer as thy self. It's more than pretty words, it's a state of mind, The Nate State of Mind.