How To Cut An Onion In 5 Easy Steps

Master this and you'll be ready to tackle so many delicious recipes.

It's something everyone should know -- yes, even you. Even if you can hardly boil yourself a pot of spaghetti, you should still know how to finely chop an onion. It'll come in handy for recipes galore -- soups, marinades and dips all benefit from the aromatic flavoring and crunch of the bulb. Today is the day you learn how to do it. Watch below, it's easy:

Cut off the top of the onion but keep the root intact -- it'll keep the vegetable together as you chop.

Helen Rennie

Next, set the onion on its other side and cut it in half. (Remember: keep that root in tact.)

Helen Rennie

Now peel the skin off the onion. You may want to peel off a couple of the edible layers along with the outside, as these tend to be dry.

Helen Rennie

It's time for another incision. Use a "fanning" technique rather than cutting straight down. Position the onion with the root facing away from you. Cut through the onion by positioning the sharp point of the knife on an angle. Do not cut all the way through the onion: An attached root keeps everything together and makes the final dicing process a breeze.

Helen Rennie

And dice you will. Place the onion cut-side down and slice perpendicular to the cuts in previous step. Cut through the entire onion until you reach the root. Now do the same on the other half.

Helen Rennie

There you have it: The onion is chopped. Now you can move on to things like Julia Child's incredible French onion soup.

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