Antonio Vasile Cut His Penis Off Because Of Busch Beer: Cops

Was it a bad president or a cheap beer that caused a man to make just about the worst decision a man can make?

Cops in Lorain, Ohio, were investigating a report of a man trespassing on railroad property Tuesday when they came upon Antonio Vasile, who had blood all over his hands and shorts, according to a police report sent to The Huffington Post.

Vasile told cops he had "just cut his penis off," the report said. When asked how he did it, Vasile said, "with an old rusty saw, but that didn't work so well so I used a broken bottle I found."

The officer then asked the only crucial question left: why? "Busch made me do it," was Vasile's response, according to the report.

Most stories about the incident indicate that Vasile was referring to Busch beer, a staple at college parties. That assertion is backed up by the police report, which spells "Busch" like the alcoholic beverage.

But the Morning Journal reports that Vasile was referring to "George Bush." A call to the Lorain Police Department for clarification was not immediately returned.

It's unclear, according to that account, which President Bush the man citing.

Whatever the cause of the penis cutting, the man was rushed to a hospital along with his penis, which was found on the railroad tracks about 100 feet from where cops caught up with Vasile, according to the Journal.

He was not arrested, though the railroad company that owns the property where he was found could still press trespassing charges.



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