Cut Off The War Funding: We Have The Power

Many people probably feel powerless to stop the immoral occupation of Iraq. But, we do have the power to end the occupation, stop the killing and bring the troops home: The war cannot continue if Congress refuses to provide money to fund the occupation.

Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA) has introduced H.R. 4232, "The End The War In Iraq Act." The bill could be voted on once the House of Representatives comes back into session after the election--if our representatives hear from tens of thousands of people throughout the country.

Led by Progressive Democrats of America, there is a nationwide effort to gather as many signatures as possible to support the bill. The signatures would be delivered after the November election. We need to show Rep. McGovern and his 12 co-sponsors that we have their backs--and encourage other Members of Congress to add their names as co-sponsors.

Remember, the Vietnam War ended, in large part, because Congress refused to give the Nixon Administration money to prosecute the war.

Sign the petition now!!! And send it to as many people as you know. You have the power to end the violence.

In case you are asked...

1. Why are there no dates, timelines or deadlines?

There are no specific dates in the bill to give it longevity.

2. When would the bill take effect?

As soon as the bill is signed into law, the Defense Department will not be able to use funds to deploy armed forces in Iraq.

3. Does this bill abandon our troops, leave them stranded in Iraq?

Rep. McGovern's office worked closely with the Legislative Counsel to craft a bill that would ensure the safety of the troops. Specifically, the bill calls for funds to "provide for the safe and orderly withdrawal of the Armed Forces from Iraq". The Defense Department will be responsible for planning and implementing a safe and orderly withdrawal.

4. Is this a "cut and run" bill?

No, this bill recognizes that the very presence of U.S. troops is fueling the insurgency and increasing violence. But the bill also recognizes that the U.S. has an obligation to Iraq and allows for the use of defense funds to ensure the security of Iraq and the transition to democratic rule.

5. Won't this bill hurt the morale of our troops?

The Bush Administration sent our neighbors, friends and relatives into a war based on manipulated intelligence, without adequate planning, or equipment, and they are refusing to say how or when the mission will end. It is time they stop using our troops as human shields for their failed policies. This bill simply recognizes that it is time for the troops to come home--which should boost morale.

Sign the petition now!!!