Baby Jaguar Tries To Roar (VIDEO)

WATCH: Cute Baby Jaguar Tries To Roar

This might not be the sound you would expect to hear from one of the biggest cats in South America. But this adorable Jaguar cub is only just beginning to assert himself.

The feisty feline was filmed suckling on a finger before letting out a surprising baby roar that is likely to take more effect when he's older.

On the IUCN Red List, the Jaguar is listed as a near threatened species due to habitat loss and persecution.

This cub isn't the only one to garner attention recently. Visitors can now go to The Philadelphia Zoo to see Lucha, a male Jaguar, born on June 3.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story suggested that Lucha was the Jaguar featured in the video. They are two different animals. A video of Lucha can be viewed by clicking here.

WATCH the Jaguar cub roar:


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