Cute Cat Photos: In Bowls, Pots And Pans (PHOTOS)

And pot, and pan.

Any cat owner knows that when it comes to felines, they do what they want. They'll continue to walk across the kitchen counter, no matter how many times you throw them off. If you're washing dishes, trying to make them clean, they do their best to get in the middle of it. When you (quietly) open the fridge door, they somehow hear it and run right in. Cats are trouble.

And that's not the only mischief cats get into; cats also love to sleep in kitchen items, like bowls, pots and pans. While it is a cute thing to see -- cute enough that we're inspired to photograph it -- this little cat nap habit of theirs means we have many more dishes to wash than most people do.

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Cats In Pots

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