13 Watering Cans That Also Function As Home Decor

Tuck one of these aesthetically pleasing watering cans on a shelf in your home for a bit of unexpected visual interest.
From left to right: Design Within Reach watering can, Pottery Barn watering can, Williams Sonoma copper watering can.
Design Within Reach
From left to right: Design Within Reach watering can, Pottery Barn watering can, Williams Sonoma copper watering can.

Ever gone shopping for a specific product only to find that every option on the market is just plain ugly? In our series Not Hideous, we suss out the best high-performance buys that aren’t total eyesores. Function, meet form.

If you’ve got a green thumb — whether you’re a small-space indoor plant aficionado or are working with a whole garden — there’s a good chance you’re in need of a watering can. And while plain plastic cans abound, there’s nothing like opting for an aesthetically pleasing version to not only make the act of caring for your plants more delightful but add a touch of pizzazz to your space as well.

Below, I’ve rounded up watering cans that are so beautifully designed and constructed that they’re practically sculptural art pieces — because I simply rebuke the notion that we should have to gaze upon ugliness while in the comfort of our own homes. You can actually save closet or storage space by utilizing a watering can that functions as a beautiful decor piece, whether you leave it out in your patio or garden area or prop it up on a bookcase or shelf. Keep reading to pick up the one that matches your theme and budget.

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Williams Sonoma
Williams Sonoma tall copper watering can
This stunning 64-ounce watering can was made by coppersmiths in Turkey with traditional spinning techniques based in the ancient art of Anatolian metalworking to hand-shape the metal and polish it for an otherworldly gleam. It has a beautiful, old-world silhouette and, over time, will naturally develop a rich bronze patina. It's definitely on the luxurious side of things, but it's worth the investment.
Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters Shiloh watering can
If minimalist modern design is your thing, then this chic watering can from Urban Outfitters will be right up your alley. It has soft curved edges and a wavy spout and handle for a cool, yet simple, silhouette. At 6 inches tall, it's about the size of an oversized mug.
Terrain round copper watering can
Made with solid copper construction, this round watering can from Terrain puts a fresh spin on your everyday copper watering can. The modern design juxtaposed with classic materials makes for a really special and absolutely gorgeous watering can. At about 5 inches wide, it's on the smaller side of the list, but worth its weight in beauty.
Garden Glory Swedish lightweight watering can
If you insist on a plastic can, then this is the one for you. Available in three earthy, muted tones, this diamond-shaped four-liter Garden Glory watering can at Food52 was designed and made in Sweden of extra-durable plastic that's rust-proof and incredibly lightweight.
Pottery Barn
Burgon & Ball Buttermilk watering can
Bring all the charm of an English garden to your space with this Burgon & Ball watering can. This almost 300-year-old British brand is endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, so you know their gardening products are the real deal. This can is made of powder-coated galvanized steel with a long, slender spout for precise, even pouring. It has a matte finish and a brass seal that elevates it to stylish new heights. It holds approximately seven cups of liquid.
A galvanized steel watering can
This sweetly retro steel watering can on Amazon is giving us major '50s vibes. It's available in eight different colors, though the green feels extra special to me, and has copper accents and a removable rosette diffuser. It can hold up to a gallon of water, so you can get all your plant babies fed without having to stop to refill.
H&M metal watering can
Available in silver and gold hues, this metal watering can from H&M is simple without being boring. It has a rounded handle and narrow spout that will add a contemporary feel to the space that doesn't feel overly stylized. It holds approximately two quarts of water.
Haws The Rowley Ripple two pint watering can
Available in five different colors, this Haws can is a unique and versatile option. It's elegantly balanced with a long, curved spout and a removable oval non-drip brass rose. It's also made of gleaming copper or powder-coated steel, depending on the shade you choose. This beauty is worth every penny and holds two pints of water.
Design Within Reach
Design Within Reach watering can
Designed by Shane Schneck at his internationally acclaimed Stockholm-based studio, this watering can is perfect for the minimalists among us. It has a clean, streamlined design that is devastatingly functional without sacrificing style. At 11 inches tall, it's larger than you might think, and can definitely water quite a few plants in one go.
Blomus Limbo modern long spout watering can
Take your pick from three neutral shades of this modern German watering can. It has a sleek, long slim pour spout that's perfect for hard-to-reach hanging plants, with an easy-to-grip handle and shiny stainless steel touches. It holds one and a half liters of water.
CB2 brass watering can
Put a spin on the classic brass watering can with this romantic, handmade brass-plated stainless steel watering can from CB2. It has a tall, slim silhouette that is softened with curved edges for an almost ethereal design, and it measures about 1 foot in height.
Anthropologie Nadya ribbed watering can
Anthropologie's Nadya ribbed watering can comes in three different colors, shapes and sizes, so you can pick the retro vibe that looks best with your home's aesthetic. All three are as charming as can be, they're handcrafted from glass for a sculptural, delicate look that will be irresistible on a light-filled window sill.
The Sill
The Sill brass mister
Okay, while not technically a traditional watering can, this brass mister from The Sill was too cute to not include. It's perfect for those plants that only need a whisper of hydration, like seedlings and sprouts, and the old-timey look and feel couldn't be more adorable if they tried. This vessel holds about 10 ounces of water.

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