Cute Halloween Costumes For Babies And Toddlers From Etsy (PHOTOS)

10 Unbelievably Cute Baby Costumes

Store-bought Halloween costumes certainly have their perks -- they require little to no handiwork and very little time. But if you want your baby to stand out from the trick-or-treating crowd, superstores are not your friends.

The good news is, you don't have to be super crafty (or even creative) to find your baby a unique look this Halloween. Our friends at Etsy have thousands of handmade costumes for sale. From "Star Trek" Kid to Baby Chipwich, here are ten of the cutest.

Plus: Find out how to save money on Halloween costumes by going green, or (for something completely different), don't miss the most inappropriate kids' costumes of all time.

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Chip(wich) On Your Shoulder

Best Baby Halloween Costumes From Etsy