Cute Kid Note Of The Day: 'I Am Sorry Ben'

This Kid's Perfectly Reasonable Explanation Is Actually Insane

Title: 'I Am Sorry Ben'

Author: Zachary

Age: 8

Brotherly love? "My son wrote this note as an apology when he was 8-years-old. My sons are all in their 20s now and we had a good laugh when we found this in the garage last week," mom explained.

Sorry not sorry: There's just something about little boys and (non-)apologies, apparently.

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UPDATE Jan. 16 -- The boys' mom has explained further on Facebook:

Obviously we spoke to [Zachary] about not throwing scissors, having to write an apology note was only one small part of the discipline. This is his first draft which is hilarious now, but at the time unacceptable. He rewrote the note as well as completing many other disciplinary tasks. He was only 8, he was upset, and he threw the thing closest to him which unfortunately was a pair of scissors. It could have just as easily been a book or pillow. Ben was not stabbed or seriously injured, they just hit with a thud. Everyone is fine. They are all grown men and very close. This note was found 13 years after the fact and they had a big laugh.

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