Cute Kid Note Of The Day: 'If I Get A Boyfriend'

LOOK: 'If I Get A Boyfriend...'

Title: "If I Get A Boyfriend"

Author: Sophie

Age: 7

Inspiration: Mom and dad tell HuffPost that Sophie "wrote this after watching a recent episode of 'Good Luck Charlie,' where the father goes to a movie to spy on his son's first date."

Not jinxing it: It's hard to tell if her cautious language is a way of letting her hypothetical future chaperones down lightly (by leaving "wiggle room," in their words) -- or just a sign of ruthless romantic realism.

If she gets a boyfriend, how will she know he's the one? What is love? Is that what you're asking?

Movie the author should avoid watching: "Father of the Bride"

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if i get a boyfriend

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