Cute Kid Note Of The Day: Pedro Loves 'The Westing Game'

A staffer at Scholastic Book Clubs received today's cute kid note and published it on their Tumblr. They call it the "greatest kid letter ever sent to anyone at Scholastic Book Clubs." Indeed, it is just as "limit-breakingly stupendous" as the novel it describes.

Title: Thank You For The Books

Author: Pedro

Confirmed: Children are the sharpest culture critics around. They're great letter writers, too, but we'll go into that more later.

What we'd like to see from Pedro next: His review of the book whose sub-title is "An Origami Yoda Book"

If he likes "The Westing Game" this much, he will also like: This poem (another work of literature where "every prediction you make is sure to be wrong")

Other notable kid letters we've read recently: This one (to Santa Claus) and this one (to the queen).

Has your child drawn or written something adorable? Send a photo to and it may be featured as our Cute Kid Note of the Day!

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