Cute Kid Note Of The Day: Three Sentences That Mean The World

Today's cute kid note is a love letter in a single, beautiful paragraph.

Title: Thank You Dad

Author: Josiah

Age: 12

What it's so powerful: "As a single male and unable to have children, I just completed an adoption of a 12yo. This is what he made for me," dad explained on Reddit.

Dad's advice: Reddit user johnr87410, who posted the note, tells others considering adoption:

If your a single male/female and want to adopt, just take the plunge! Youll change someones life, and youll change your own too. Get started now, my process took almost a year. As long as you can pass the background, have stable employment, and can pass the home study, and have lots of love to give, they really need you. There's a kid out there that needs you, just do it. [all sic]

Bonus: The little boy also painted this.

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