11 Cute, Comfortable And Not Hideous Vinyl Mats

Ditch the eyesores and grab one of these downright chic vinyl rugs.
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V Mat, Etsy
From left to right: V Mat Pantera mat, Etsy terrazzo mat, Etsy Victorian mat.

Ever gone shopping for a specific product only to find that every option on the market is just plain ugly? In our series Not Hideous, we suss out the best high-performance buys that aren’t total eyesores. Function, meet form.

There are myriad reasons why having a vinyl floor mat in your home comes in handy. They’re great when you have small children who often spill while eating at the table, they are comfortable to stand on while doing dishes or using a standing desk, they can function as easy-to-clean runners in heavy traffic areas of the home and much more. However, finding non-hideous options can be a bit of a challenge — and no one should have to sacrifice style for comfort.

If you are picky about your home’s aesthetic but know that you’d benefit from having a vinyl mat in your house, then you’ve come to the right place. There’s nothing I find more thrilling than finding aesthetically pleasing options of otherwise boring, functional or downright ugly home items. I absolutely refuse to offend my sensibilities by gazing upon an eyesore, even if it is a home necessity.

Below, I’ve rounded up a selection of vinyl floor mats that are comfortable and durable but won’t ruin the elegant adult vibe of your home. You’ll see zero childish colors, patterns or kitschy selections. In fact, the below list is comprised mainly of black and white options, though I’ve thrown in a couple that might satisfy the more color-hungry among you. Keep reading to pick up one of these lovely (dare I say chic?) vinyl floor mats for yourself.

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House of Noa Nama standing mat
Don't you love a stripe? This House of Noa mat has a rustic hand-painted offset stripe design that doesn't look too busy or dizzying. Available in three muted earth tone shades, it's a great anti-fatigue mat and ideal for spots like under the kitchen sink or a standing desk. It's made of high-density foam with a non-slip bottom, is available in multiple sizes, is easy to clean and is free of harmful dyes, inks, formaldehyde, phthalates and more.
Food52 Parisian vinyl floor mat
It doesn't get much more divine than this Food52 Parisian-style mat. It gives the appearance of hand-painted ceramic tiles with the ease and comfort of a vinyl mat. It's perfect for kids, pets or spill-prone klutzes. It looks fresh and much more expensive than it actually is.
Etsy Istanbul black linoleum rug
This stylish mat from Etsy seller LovftWave would make a gorgeous addition to any room. It's waterproof, durable and designed to withstand messes, high-traffic areas, kid grime and more. You can use it to cover up flooring that needs to be replaced or simply to add a decorative touch to a spot that is prone to filth. Either way, you'll love the extra bit of pizzazz in your space.
Spicher and Company Mosaic vvinyl rug
If you love a classic mosaic tile pattern then look no further than this timeless Spicher and Company vintage-style vinyl rug. The faux-distressed hexagonal tile pattern will make you feel like you're on vacation in a villa every time you pass through the room. It is perfect for indoor/outdoor use, has a non-slip surface and couldn't be easier to clean.
V Mat Pantera vinyl mat
This V Mat leopard-print mat is an absolute showstopper. It's wholly modern and on-trend without feeling tacky, largely because it's so well made. Add flair alongside a dose of practicality with this durable, stain-resistant, anti-slip pet-friendly mat and watch the compliments roll in.
Etsy Bond vinyl flooring
How chic is this mat from Etsy seller MelomatFlooring? It's available in a wide variety of sizes, so you can get the one that best fits your home's needs and feels almost custom-made. Made for indoor use only, it's easy to clean, antibacterial, water-resistant and the perfect way to elevate the look and feel of your space while helping to keep it clean and tidy.
Ivy Bronx vinyl marble floor mat
Add the illusory effect of marble to your space with these patterned marble floor mats from Ivy Bronx. This particular black marble mat has an elegant thick-lined frame that is perfect for high-traffic areas like entryways, bathrooms, kitchens and offices. It's stain and fade-resistant and can be easily cleaned.
Gemma vinyl mat
Inspired by abstract modern art, these lovely muted vinyl rugs from V Mat are as elegant as they come. They are anti-slip, kid- and pet-friendly, hypoallergenic and available in a variety of sizes. They're an easy and chic way to add a bit of artistic flair to the home.
Spicher and Company Williamsburg vintage vinyl diamonds area rug
The harlequin pattern and faded color scheme of this Spicher and Company vinyl rug adds a hint of retro to a space. It's soft, made with durable construction and works beautifully in both indoor and outdoor spaces.
Etsy Victorian tile vinyl mat
Made of high quality PVC materials, this vintage-style mat from Etsy seller VanillHomeDecor adds a hint of glamour that doesn't feel ostentatious. It's easy to clean, spill-proof, doesn't absorb dust and allergens and looks absolutely fabulous while doing it.
Etsy white terrazzo vinyl floor mat
Available in both circle and rectangular shapes, these terrazzo vinyl floor mats from Etsy shop HomeArtStickers add a lovely hint of color without overpowering the space. Made with polyester mesh fabric with a matte finish, these mats are water-resistant, easy to clean and look as good as they feel under your tired toes.

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