Cute Wedding Photo: Woman Caught Admiring Her Own Wedding Photo In Amazing Shot

Can you spot the photobomb in this wedding picture?

Sagel Avery posted on Imgur Saturday a photo she took of her boyfriend's grandparents' wedding picture. The 50-year-old photo is framed in glass, so you can see Avery's reflection in the photo -- plus the reflection of her boyfriend's grandmother, Mary Konicki, admiring the shot. Check it out below:

Avery told HuffPost Weddings that she loved how happy and proud Konicki and her husband, John, look in the picture, so she had to photograph it. She thought Konicki was pleased that she had noticed the beauty and timelessness of the photo.

"[She] was very tickled that a young woman such as myself had taken such a liking to it!" Avery said. "I think she was also looking at the photo and remembering that great day, and remembering how young and beautiful she was."

The photo has been viewed on Imgur more than 480,000 times. For long-married couples, there's nothing more important than a great wedding photo. One Chinese couple took their only wedding photo in 2012 -- 88 years after they tied the knot.

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