CVS Won't Press Charges On Homeless Man Accidentally Locked Inside Store After All

The man had fallen asleep by the blood pressure machine when staff locked up.

CVS has now decided it won’t press charges against a homeless man who employees at a Trenton, Michigan, store accidentally locked inside the establishment.

Multiple outlets reported this week that Henry Brettschneider, 56, faced charges for eating some snacks after he found himself locked inside the pharmacy. 

Brettschneider told police that he had fallen asleep by the blood pressure machine last week. He awoke around 1 a.m. to find himself locked in the store, according to local reports. He snacked on some Fig Newtons, chocolate milk and grabbed a bottle of soda. Brettschneider also took what he thought was a watch but turned out to be a heart rate monitor. After an alarm was set off, police were called to the area and arrested him. 

Local ABC News station WXYZ reported that the pharmacy faced intense backlash on social media once the story went viral.

The News Herald reported that a CVS spokesman said in a statement, “CVS has researched this more extensively and based on extenuating circumstances we are not going to press charges.”

In a statement provided to CBS Detroit, the pharmacy said, “CVS is not charging him. Once the police were looking at his criminal record there were other things to take care of, so CVS is not pursuing it.”

Brettschneider reportedly has misdemeanor warrants out for his arrest.