Cy Twombly's Photographs Show Different Side To Great Artist Of Our Time (PHOTOS)

Cy Twombly was one of the greatest artists of our generation.

His paintings, cryptic fields of "calligraffiti," derailed the course of art history from its abstract expressionist tracks. His painting-drawing hybrids were complex yet unpretentious; they mixed the feel of a classroom blackboard with an entire coded mythology, a new cultural memory. He created a code of rules which never before existed; he created a meta-script, a protean language.

Twombly had been snapping photos with his polaroid camera since an early age, capturing a wide range of objects from flowers to temples to colored pencils. His paintings contain no obvious subject, turning each of his marks into something beyond the expected with his careful touch, yet his photographs strip familiar objects of their subject-hood by turning them into ethereal visions, photographic moments.

'Cy Twombly: Photographs 1951-2010' will feature 100 of Twombly's photographs, a number of his pantings, and the cinematic portrait 'Edwin Parker' by Tacita Dean, which is a tribute to the recently deceased artist.

The exhibition will run until April 29, 2012 at the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels.

Cy Twombly