Cyber Freaks, All the Rage?

With the abundance of personal brands and people reinventing themselves in the online realm, do you ever feel like some of the people you come into contact with take themselves too seriously online? Not just the overly contrived tweeters, but the people that are calculating their every social move as if their whole life depends on the next best #selfie and who's liking it? Getting a social life, outside of social may be the new trend.

Actually getting off of tinder and going on a real date, no? How many people have met one of those online addicts that can't hold a conversation face-to-face? Like a social reject of the online world, one who can only interact online, like a computer freak?

Am I missing the mark or are some of us turning into computer generated personalities that can't survive outside of cyber-space? If you feel like I'm talking to you, this may be more than a joke...could be a reality check. Are you taking yourself so seriously online that you've lost your real personality? If so, get out more, step away from your computer and recharge your human interaction, for online people make good connections, but real people make better friends.