Cyber Security Attacks = Need to get trained.

Cyber Security Attacks = Need to get trained.
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Every day another hack. Another breach. Someone's data getting exfiltrated, dumped and sold. Is it you today? Your company? Your organization?


How often do you hear about someone you know dealing with either identity theft, compromised banking or social media credentials or their information out on the web being sold? Medical, Identity, Financial, Legal, Political, Business. All for sale. It used to be that this information was dumped out onto the "dark web" and then sold to hackers or crooks.

Now the information is freely being sold on the open, non dark web as well. Money buys access to credentials, to personal information, to embarrassing information, to information you long thought was not ever going to be seen by others.

Has your company provided real life cyber security training? Have you been run through a test or role playing? No? The average company, government agency, non profits and other employers simply have not yet stepped up to the need to fund and execute on cyber security training. True for not just the most senior tech executives, but for everyone from the CEO and Board to the average employee. We should all be able to teach our kids the basics on how to be safe from cyber attacks.

There is a new digital divide. It is about those who have been trained to deal with cyber threats, whether personal or business; and those who have not. The need for State and Local authorities to partner with the private sector to offer real life, and timely cyber security training and role playing is growing every week. Private sector companies and training organizations can only do so much on their own. The initiative has to be larger than that as the problem transcends any one of us by ourselves.

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