Brave 11-Year-Old Who Stood Up To Bullies In YouTube Video Gets Invited To White House

This is one way to show the haters who’s boss.

Logan Fairbanks recently posted a YouTube video of himself confronting cyberbullies that went viral, now the 11-year-old has been personally invited to visit the White House, ABC News reported.

The invite came via Twitter, on Saturday, from Valerie Jarrett -- senior advisor to President Barack Obama, less than a week after Logan's dad, Josh Fairbanks, uploaded the video of the boy confronting his bullies. In the video, Josh reads some of the hurtful comments he’s received on YouTube, hoping his story will provide comfort to other bullying victims.

"I hope that people don't bully other people online anymore and that this [video] helps," Logan said. "And people [who] have been bullied, don't let these words affect you." 

Logan’s message was heard -- the video has been viewed more than 800,000 times, with at least one view in the White House.

 “Change happens when ordinary people do extraordinary things -- when people have Logan's courage & speak up,” Jarrett tweeted on Saturday. Within a half hour, she tweeted again, inviting Logan to the White House and saying he may one day hold a position there.

 “We first saw the tweet right as it happened, and both lost our minds,” Fairbanks told People. “We couldn’t believe it reached that far.”

According to the outlet, Logan and his father have received enough donations to head to the nation’s capital on July 20. After that, they hope to start an anti-bullying program called Take the Power.

"We want to give people a chance to take ownership of those nasty words,” Fairbanks told ABC News. “Once you take them away from the bully, they don't have the power anymore." 

 Watch Logan's original video below:





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