Motorist Tells Angry Cyclist He Can Use Cellphone Safely, Then Hits Another Car

"It's people like you that kill people like me," cyclist Dave Brennan told the driver.

A Scottish bicyclist who filmed a motorist using a cellphone while driving, then confronted him about it, watched the driver crash into another car moments later ― after the man seems to claim he can safely drive while fiddling with the phone.

No one appears to have been hurt in the fender-bender crash, but some might say karma was served.

In an edited viral video of the encounter posted last week, the cyclist, Dr. Dave Brennan, pulls next to the driver in traffic and chastises him for claiming he can safely use his phone while commuting.

“It’s people like you that kill people like me,” Brennan says in the clip, above.

The driver soon pulls away ― and later plows into a car that stops in front of him.

Brennan offered the video evidence to the motorist whose car was struck by the phone-wielding driver, but the two motorists decided to settle the matter themselves, he told The Scotsman.

Brennan, a safety advocate, said he has previously used footage from his helmet cam to help convict other distracted drivers.

“Cameras are absolutely critical,” he told the outlet. “Had I gone to the police in these cases without a camera, it would have been my word against the drivers’.”

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