Olympic Cyclist Robert Förstemann Successfully Powers A Toaster With His Thighs

Olympic track cyclist Robert Förstemann has 29-inch thighs. He recently needed all 29 of each to cook some toast.

Students from the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts recently put Förstemann through his paces on a stationary bike connected to a 700-watt toaster to "show how much energy we humans consume compared to what we can generate," according to a YouTube description of the experiment.

The huffing, puffing, pumping Förstemann, a German team-cycling world champion and 2012 Olympic bronze medalist dubbed "Quadzilla," was eventually able to get the toast to pop. But the conclusions of the research present some daunting prospects for human-powered energy. According to the video, it would take "180 Roberts to power a car" and "43,000 Roberts to power an airplane."

Förstemann was so spent he had to lie down. "Nobody would believe how much work [it was] to toast it, eh?" he said afterward. "I know now. It's crazy. F---ing hard."

Give that man some jam for his toast. He earned it.