Cyclone Nilofar: Another Whirlwind of an Event to Head to Karachi's Beach?

As Cyclone Nilofar, a category 4 super cyclone heads towards the north-eastern coast of the Arabian Sea, Karachiites with their adventure-thrill loving practices, make way towards the extremely popular Karachi beach-front, commonly known as Sea View.

With emergency declared in Karachi, Gwadar along with three other coastal areas, the residents of this city never ever prefer staying indoors, especially when there is a call to stay away from the beach and that too because of a cyclone- when all of a sudden it becomes mandatory for the multitude to set out for the beach on the very day(s) the cyclone is expected to make landfall.

To say excitement is at its peak would be an understatement. The citizenry has their picnic baskets ready along with their two-wheel rides to even going to the extent of getting coasters or vans booked so entire families can have the privilege to 'enjoy' this wrath of nature.

How on earth can a cyclone be enjoyed? Try learning from the overjoyed populace of the 'City of Lights.' The authority tries blocking all the major routes leading towards the Arabian waterfront that throngs of people head towards.

Karachiites and their thirst to enjoy cyclones makes it difficult for the authority that majorly comprises of the Pakistan Coast Guards to efficiently carry out their duties.

The disappointment is massive when families are not allowed to enter the proximity of the shore with signs of disapproval and in worst cases pelting of stones at those who try to bring order and prevent casualties.

What happens when disaster strikes? The same government bodies are blamed and criticized for not carrying out effective measures followed by the infamous sit-ins.

Cyclone Phet of 2010, another CAT 4 cyclone was awaited by a great number of locals with unabated excitement. Relatives, friends, friends of friends and the like, felt immense pride in going to the seaside to merely 'see' Phet. Those who couldn't make it in time to witness the tropical cyclone, missed out a 'super fun day' at the beach.

The delirium does not end there. When the broadcast media announced the severity of Phet had lessened tremendously, signs of dismay were easily seen on people's faces who tried being vocal on screens and had taken time out from their schedules to witness the tidal ferocity.

Cyclone Nilofar so far has lessened in severity. Is it another cyclone that fails the expectations and the always needed pumped up adrenaline levels by a large chunk of Karachiites? Let the upcoming hours decide that.