'Cyclops' Baby Goat Has Only 1 Eye And 1 Ear, But All Of Our Hearts

The goat's owner called the new kid a "miracle."

A one-eyed goat born in Assam, India, last week is being seen as a blessing by its owner.

The kid was born May 10 with only one eye, one ear and barely a nose, thanks to a condition called cyclopia that occurs in the womb when the brain’s two hemisphere do not separate.

Usually animals with the condition die within hours after being born, but this goat has defied expectations, according to Barcroft TV.


The one-eyed goat is attracting a lot of attention to the farm where it was born, and that pleases Mukhuri Das, the goat’s owner.

“I was shocked. It’s like a miracle and people have been coming to our place to see this baby goat,” he told Barcroft TV. “It might be something from God that the baby goat was born in our house.”

Das believes the one-eyed animal is bringing luck to his family ― and he’s not kidding around.

“So many people are coming to our place to see this baby goat,” he said. “We are happy that it’s making us famous.”

Das said he has been feeding the one-eyed goat like a normal animal, even though it has shorter than normal upper jaw and is missing some teeth.

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