'Cyclops' Shark Caught With 1 Giant Eye Looks Too Weird To Be Real

Fishermen found the unborn albino shark in a recent catch and turned it over to Indonesian authorities.

Fishermen discovered a rare “Cyclops” albino shark with only one giant eye in a recent catch off Maluku province in Indonesia, the Sun reported earlier this month.

They were cutting open an adult shark that died in the net and found the already-dead one-eyed fetus. They reported the find to the local marine office and turned in the specimen.

“We found three babies inside its stomach, but one of them looked strange with only one eye. Its color was strange too, like milk,” one of the fishermen said, per ZME Science.

Reddit users have been reposting articles on the fish since its discovery and USA Today picked up the story on Monday.

A similar shark with both cyclopia, a birth defect that results in the development of only one eye, and albinism, a melanin shortage that pales the pigment, was found in the Sea of Cortez in 2011. At the time, a shark expert said less than 50 with such abnormalities had been recorded.

Among other shark rarities, a two-headed shark was caught off the Indian coast this month.

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