Cyndi Lauper And James Corden Sing ‘Girls Just Want Equal Funds’

Prepare to watch this at least 100 times.

Cyndi Lauper wants girls to have fun... and equal pay! 

The iconic singer, whose new album, "Detour," is out today, stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden on Monday night to perform her song "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" with a feminist twist. With some (hilarious) help from Corden, Lauper parodied her famous hit and sang "Girls Just Want Equal Funds." 

A few favorite lyrics include: "Guys, if she’s mad it’s not PMS / It’s cause you do the same job but she’s makin’ less / Don’t need no Midol just need more income / Cause girls they want equal funds / Oh girls just want equal funds!" 

Check out the video of the duo's performance, complete with matching pink wigs.



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