Author Cynthia Bond Offers The Perfect Description Of What It Means To Be A Mother

Author Cynthia Bond certainly has a way with words. Her debut novel, Ruby, is not only a beautifully written bestseller, but also a true a labor of love -- it took Bond a full 10 years to complete the manuscript. Time and again, the writer faced obstacles and wondered if her literary efforts would ever come to fruition but, as she tells Oprah in the above video from "Super Soul Sunday," there was one person who continuously gave her the strength to keep going: her mother.

Tears well up in Bond's eyes as she finds the words to express how much her mom helped her throughout the struggles of finishing the book. "My mother kept me here," Bond says. "She's so strong."

That strength rubbed off on Bond, at a time in her life when she needed her mother the most.

"I had this sense that my mother took her spirit and braided it into my own, and gave me her strength so that I could keep going," she says. "Over and over and over again, my mother has been that for me."

This eloquent description of motherhood touches Oprah deeply.

"Wow. That's powerful. I've never heard it phrased that way before," Oprah tells Bond. "But that's what a mother would do. That's what a real mother would do. They would take their strength and braid it into your own. That's amazing."

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