Bernie Sanders' Supporters Booed Hillary Clinton's Name And Cynthia Nixon Wasn't Having It

The "Sex and the City" star shut the jeers down.

Cynthia Nixon took a stand during Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vt.) rally in Durham, New Hampshire, on Monday night after the audience booed the mention of 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s name.

Sex and the City” star Nixon elicited boos from Sanders’ supporters, on the eve of Tuesday’s primary in the Granite State, after acknowledging supporting Clinton in 2016.

“Oh no. Oh no. We are not going to do that here,” Nixon responded to the boos, in stark contrast to how President Donald Trump often encourages his supporters to join him in disparaging his former rival.

“I supported her because I wanted a woman president and I thought she was incredibly qualified,” explained the actor, who made an unsuccessful run for governor of New York in 2018.

“And I thought she was unbeatable,” Nixon added. “But it’s four years later.”

Check out the clip here:

Nixon endorsed Sanders in a video she posted on social media last week.

“It seems to me is what you need in a politician is you need someone with a vision. You need somebody who can galvanize people. And you need someone who can’t be bought,” she said in the clip, below. “And there is nobody that has those three qualities in greater abundance than Bernie Sanders.”

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