Cynthia Nixon Joins Hunger Strike Demanding Israel-Hamas Cease-fire: 'I Am Sick And Tired'

“There is nothing routine about these deaths,” the actor and former New York state gubernatorial candidate said.

Cynthia Nixon is joining a five-day hunger strike in calls for a permanent cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war.

The “Sex and the City” star announced her protest alongside other activists calling for a cease-fire Monday outside the White House.

“As the mother of Jewish children whose grandparents are Holocaust survivors, I have been asked by my son to use any voice I have to affirm as loudly as possible that ‘never again’ means ‘never again’ for everyone,” said Nixon, who once ran for governor of New York and champions numerous other causes, per Deadline.

“In seven weeks, Israel has killed more civilians on a tiny strip of land than was killed in 20 years of war in the entire country of Afghanistan,” she continued. “I am sick and tired of people explaining this away by saying civilian casualties are a routine toll of war.”

Israel says the Hamas attack on Oct. 7 killed 1,200 people, while Gaza health officials say Israel’s military response has killed up to 14,000 Palestinians — around half of whom are thought to be children — but that they have lost the ability to properly count the dead.

“There is nothing routine about these figures,” Nixon said Monday. “There is nothing routine about these deaths.”

The Israeli government announced last week that it had reached an agreement with Hamas leadership on a temporary cease-fire to exchange hostages held by Hamas for Palestinian prisoners. The cease-fire was extended Monday by two more days. So far, Israel has released 180 Palestinian prisoners while Hamas has released more than 80 hostages.

Itamar Ben Gvir, the Israeli National Security Minister, ordered the IDF to use an “iron fist” in preventing Palestinians from celebrating the release of their families.

“Expressions of joy in support for terrorism, celebrations of victory give strength to those same human scum, those Nazis,” he said Thursday, per CNN. “The policy here is very, very clear, not to allow these expressions of joy, and … stop any support for these people.”

Gvir was notably found guilty in 2007 of incitement to violence and supporting a terror group.

Nixon called for a permanent cease-fire Monday while announcing her hunger strike.
Nixon called for a permanent cease-fire Monday while announcing her hunger strike.
Kevin Dietsch via Getty Images

Nixon said Monday that Biden, who argued against placing conditions on U.S. aid to Israel but “experienced such devastating personal loss” with the death of his son Beau to cancer, should “connect with that empathy” and imagine “the children of Gaza” were his own.

The Israel-Hamas conflict has not only divided Washington, D.C., but Hollywood.

Susan Sarandon was dropped by her talent agency for supporting Palestine. Melissa Barrera, who led 2022’s “Scream” reboot and starred in the 2023 sequel, was fired from an upcoming entry after posting on social media in support of Palestine.

RTX Corporation CEO Greg Hayes reportedly said in an October earnings call that the defense contractor would “benefit” from an increased defense budget, which Congress is currently weighing as a direct result of the war — in the form of a $14.3 billion aid package.

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