The 2 Pieces Of Advice That Helped Cynthia Nixon During Her Mother's Passing

Cancer claimed the "Sex and the City" star's mother in 2014.

Cynthia Nixon received two pieces of invaluable wisdom as her mother approached the end of her life, wisdom she revealed in a conversation with HuffPost Live on Monday.

"I got such great advice from her oncologist," the veteran actress recounted. "He said, 'first of all, be careful of what you say in the room, no matter how out of it she looks, because the last thing to go is the hearing'."

Nixon's mother died in the winter of 2014 after battling cancer. She passed in the company of Nixon and her wife and children, but the "James White" actress was also told by the doctor that "if you're not in the room when she dies, don't feel like you blew it."

"Some people need you to be there with them, and some people can't actually leave when you're there, so it's not a coincidence," Nixon explained. "My mother did actually wait until we were all there -- it was very clear that she was waiting -- [but] I think it's an important thing to be told, because how would you ever know that unless you were talking to a healthcare professional who had seen this dozens of times?"

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