Cynthia Susanne, Steven Slater's Ex-Wife, On 'Today Show': I Don't Know Him To Be An Alcoholic (VIDEO)

Cynthia Susanne, who at age 18 was married to Steven Slater for less than a year--but remains his friend--spoke to Meredith Vieira this morning on "The Today Show."

She dismissed several passengers' claims that Slater was "inebriated," then Vieira asked about the fact that on Steven Slater's MySpace profile, Slater wrote "Beating alcoholism and substance abuse 'one day at a time' has opened up new worlds of opportunity for me," yet he grabbed two beers on his way out of the plane.

"I don't know Steven to have a problem with alcohol or substance abuse. He handled it beautifully if that's the case," Susanne said.