Cyrus Krohn, RNC Online Director, Calls It Quits

Arguably the most respected technocrat in the Republican Party, Cyrus Krohn is just the latest in a string of officials to resign from the RNC; last week, the RNC's finance director quit. But because GOP Chairman Michael Steele made leveraging the Internet to attract voters to the Republican Party a top priority ina tech summit two weeks ago, Krohn's departure comes as an especially heavy blow -- not just to the RNC, but to the conservative blogosphere.

A veteran of Microsoft and Yahoo, Krohn joined the RNC in July 2007 and started to reboot the party's online infrastructure. Immediately, he launched new sites within GOP.com (such as GOPPlatform2008.com, which allowed visitors to help shape the party's platform in advance of the Republican National Convention), created the RNC's Facebook group (which now has roughly 7,000 more members than the Democratic National Committee) and grew the RNC's e-mail list from 1.8 to 12 million.

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