Was Czech President Milos Zeman Drunk At An Official Ceremony? You Be The Judge (VIDEO)

WATCH: Is This What A Drunk President Look Likes?

Constant swaying, sweating, trouble with balance: Is this the description of someone with a virus, or someone who is drunk?

That is the debate surrounding a video of a tottery Czech Republic President Milos Zeman at a display ceremony for the Czech crown jewels last week. The Presidential Office said he was suffering from virosis, an infection caused by a virus. However, Zeman’s known affinity for alcohol caused some to doubt the government's official story, and local media reported widespread speculation that Zeman was drunk during the ceremony.

According to the English-language Prague Daily Monitor, Czech newspaper Lidove Noviny compared Zeman to former Russian President and alleged alcoholic Boris Yeltsin.

Czechs -- by far the biggest beer drinkers in the world per capita -- have been posting pictures of themselves in bars getting drunk with slogans like, "Here I am getting a virus," or "Heading out for a virus."

Alcohol is a big part of Zeman's image. After he won the Czech Republic's first direct presidential election in January, Reuters wrote that his "folksy manner" and his "well-advertised appetite for sausages and alcohol" helped win over "poorer and rural voters."

Do you think Zeman was drunk? Watch the video above, and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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