This Doctor Is Radically Changing People's Lives By Transforming Their A**holes

From offering anal botox to performing anal surgeries, Dr. Evan Goldstein is dedicated to making the world a more beautiful place -- one anus at a time.

Dr. Evan Goldstein spends a lot of time with assholes.

He’s the founder of Bespoke Surgical, based in Manhattan, and one of the only surgeons in the world whose practice is dedicated to treating and restoring the humble human anus. Dr. Goldstein’s work includes addressing functional problems, like hemorrhoids and anal fissures; cosmetic concerns, like making a patient’s anus look exactly how they dream about it looking; and sexual issues, like helping patients have anal sex like a porn star ― or just comfortably having anal sex, period.

In the inaugural episode of “D Is For Desire,” HuffPost’s brand new podcast dedicated to exploring sticky questions about love, sex and relationships that you could have never imagined in health class, host Noah Michelson chats with Dr. Goldstein about everything from why he started his specialized practice to what happens when you inject botox into an asshole. Michelson also chats with two of Dr. Goldstein’s patients, David and Tom, and learns why seeking out his intimate expertise has been nothing short of life-changing:

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