Let's Talk About Kink: Join A Conversation About Love, Sex And The Meaning Of 'Normal'

Bring all your questions — especially the taboo ones — to our virtual event with the host of "D Is For Desire," HuffPost's brand new love and sex podcast.

When it comes to sex and our fantasies, is there anything that’s off limits? Should there be? What’s normal? Who gets to decide? And how can we learn to broaden our erotic and romantic horizons in hopes of gaining more and deeper intimacy with the people we love ... or just lust after?

These are just a few of the questions that “D Is For Desire,” HuffPost’s new love and sex podcast, is exploring during its first season.

As the host of the podcast, I’ve had the opportunity to chat with a wide variety of guests, from sex witches to a doctor dedicating his life to performing plastic surgery on assholes to a woman happily in a 20-year marriage, even though she’s never experienced romantic attraction.

I’ve already learned a lot about what desire can look and feel like for lots of different people who’ve had lots of different urges and experiences, and now I want to chat with you!

Please join me and HuffPost Executive Editor Hillary Frey for a free virtual conversation on Thursday, July 30, at 1:00 p.m. ET. We’ll go behind the scenes of the podcast and tackle all of the sticky questions about love and sex and relationships that might be lurking in your head, your heart or your pants.

Bring all your questions ― especially the ones you’ve been too afraid to ask before ― and I’ll see you on Zoom!

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