Some Young Spurs Fan Dabbed 38 Times In A Single Playoff Game

Never change, young man. Never change.

Frankly, the Memphis Grizzlies and San Antonio Spurs' first-round playoff series has been pretty underwhelming so far. The favorite, San Antonio, has won the contests by a combined 58 points, as the injury-depleted Memphis team struggles to hold its head above water against its highly potent, ever-consistent rival.

But there’s at least one Spurs fan thrilled by the lopsided nature of the matchup: Dab Kid.

Seated behind the Grizzlies bench for Game 1 of the series, the fan showed off his excitement for even the most mundane of San Antonio plays, throwing up dabs left and right, in celebration of free throws and threes. Thankfully, a San Antonio blogger spotted Dab Kid and made a montage of his moves.

There were 38 glorious, glorious dabs in total.

This young fan almost makes this wash of a series worth it. Almost.



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