Is This Unborn Baby Dabbing?

You tell us.

Is this unborn baby dabbing? We don't know. We're just asking you, the reader. As is the baby's mother, who is reportedly a big Cam Newton fan. 

For reference. Here is Mississippi State football player Dak Prescott doing the dab after his team won a game. We will not say whether or not his arms are positioned in a way similar to the unborn child's, for we are members of the objective media. 

Once again, we present to you the unborn baby, whose parents are just coincidentally Panthers fans. A reminder: We do not claim that this unborn child bears any resemblance to the people in the other photos of this post. 

And now, a cartoon rendition of superstar quarterback Cam Newton and his child dabbing. Whether this has anything to do with the unborn child whose arm is placed ever so close to his closed eyes, we cannot say. 

Just in case you forgot what that first photo of a totally normal and perhaps not at all dabbing baby looked like, here it is for your viewing please. 

Oh, and what do we have here? Why it's tennis star Victoria Azarenka performing the dab, a popular new way to have fun, at the Australian Open. 


What have we learned? Was the baby dabbing? Did you just waste two minutes of your day? The answer to those questions, dear reader, only you can decide.  

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