Dad And Son Superhero Team Spotted At Hardware Store (PHOTO)

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This just in: A superhero boy and his father were recently spotted taking a stroll down an aisle at their local hardware store. The reason for their trip remains unconfirmed, but sources close to the pair speculate that they were shopping for supplies to arm them for their next daddy-son crime-fighting mission.

Paparazzi (er, Reddit user resgestae) posted a snap of the two to the social sharing website with the caption, "I know a good dad when I see one."

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The photo went viral on Reddit, gathering almost 1.7 million comments in just two days. A commenter pinpointed why the image struck such a chord. "A good dad is always a hero to their kids. Capes just let the world see it a little better," thisisntrelevant wrote.

The shot reminds us of a picture of a cross-dressing father and son that went viral last September. Nils Pickert, the dad in the photo, explained in a HuffPost blog that his 5-year-old boy liked to wear dresses and skirts in public so he wore women's clothing as a show of support. "It is not OK for anybody to mess with my son about his outfit. Hence I wear dresses and skirts so that any person who has a problem with that and feels the necessity to express his or her resentments can mess with me," he wrote.

UPDATE: CTV News located the dad and son in the photo. Though they wish to remain anonymous, mom confirms that she was the one who snapped the shot. She told the news station that her 3-year-old son wears his cape “almost 100 percent of the time" at home.

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