Dad Backpacks With Baby (PHOTO)

Just about everything changes once a family welcomes a baby, but one dad has a solution for making sure that his favorite pastime doesn't become something from, well, the past.

He loves backpacking; he has a baby, and so, he backpacks with his baby.

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"Don't be scared to try it!" the Reddit user "humaniteer" wrote on a recent thread, before explaining that he started hiking with his daughter when she was just two days old. (He used a Moby wrap back then, but has since upgraded to the Kelty backpack pictured above.)

At 13-months old, the little girl already has 250 miles of trails under her belt. And one unexpected perk?

"She falls asleep everytime we hike, both going up and coming down," he wrote.

Of course, there can be pitfalls to heading out for a hike with a baby for the first time.

Blogger OffBeat Mama notes that moms should consider underestimating how much energy they'll have, because breastfeeding along the hike might take more energy -- not to mention more time -- than they might expect.

According to Backpacker magazine, other tips to take into account include using familiar trails -- since getting lost with a newborn would be far from ideal -- and, depending on how young the child is, making sure to use a sling with some head support.

h/t: Reddit

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