'Sweaty, Sloppy' Dad Bods Are Sexy -- But Not Mom Bods

As popular culture celebrates the sex appeal of the “dad bod” -- a conversation kicked off by an essay on college news website The Odyssey -- comedian Akilah Hughes pointed out starkly different standards for men's and women’s bodies on Wednesday’s episode of “Come Here and Say That” on the Fusion network.

Hughes described the “mom bod”: “Behind the small, manageable layer of pudge, you can tell this woman once dieted to extremes to conform to societal norms,” she said.

Hughes then laid in.

“Let’s face it ladies: The media loves congratulating men for looking like sweaty, sloppy monsters who don’t try hard at anything,” Hughes said. “If you’re a woman, you can be proud of your boobs or your butt or your lips or your thigh gap, but not yourself or body as a whole because you’re not a person.”

Gabriel Arana is senior media editor at The Huffington Post.