Dad's Backyard Luge For His Kids Is Fit For The Olympics (VIDEO)

Forget snow forts. This New York father had the right idea when he built a backyard luge for his kids.

Jay Venini crafted a luge track in the yard of his Long Island home with the snow from one of the recent snowstorms to hit the northeast. Dubbed the "Looney Luge," the icy path starts at the deck and follows a curved course across the snow-covered lawn before ending on an incline.

To film the finished project, Venini attached a GoPro camera to a sled. In a video of the backyard luge posted to YouTube on Saturday, five amateur lugers with names like "Queen Quinn" and "Older-Bro Joe" take turns navigating the track -- with a few spills along the way.

It seems Venini was not the only dad with the idea. Earlier this month, a Minnesota father built an icy course that spanned three backyards for kids in the neighborhood.

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