This Dad Built A Roller Coaster In His Backyard For His Son For A Very Cool Reason

The ups and downs of childhood are more fun at the Pemble residence.

That's because, in addition to the emotional roller coaster, the Pemble family has a real coaster out back. The homemade coaster, named "The Caution Zone," was inspired by a visit to a real amusement park, after which 10-year-old Lyle asked his dad if they could build their own attraction in their backyard.

"I thought about it for a second and the answer anyone expects is 'of course not'… but I said yes! I said sure!" Will Pemble, Lyle's dad, told ABC News, emphasizing the numerous safety precautions they have in place.

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Beyond the fun of it, Will says there's actually a lot of learning buried in the coaster.

"The mathematics, the physics, the science, the really hard thinking -- there needs to be something on the other side of that math that’s worth slogging through the math," Will told CBS San Francisco. "So if there’s a coaster at the other side of how many feet of track do we need …then suddenly the word problem gets done really fast."

In a blog documenting the process, Will says they built the frame of the coaster out of wood, used PVC for the tracks and built the cart out of steel. According to NBC Bay Area, the finished structure is 180 feet long, 10 feet high, and cost around $3,500.

Watch the coaster in action, below:



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