This Dad Built A Giant Death Star That Would Make Darth Vader Proud

Out. Of. This. World.

This homemade Death Star is so cool, even Luke Skywalker wouldn’t destroy it.

Colby Powell, who lives in Lafayette, California, is a huge "Star Wars" fan and so are his kids. So for Halloween and in honor of the upcoming "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" movie, the fan took his love for the series to new heights. He built a giant light-up Death Star and plopped it on top of his house for the holiday.

The mind-blowing creation, which he documented in a YouTube video, ended up being 23 feet in diameter, and about 400 pounds of pure awesomeness, according to the clip. 

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Powell, who works for a contractor, told Make that the project started out as a family affair with his kids, but quickly escalated as the decoration became so large. About two dozen kind people offered to lend him a hand and helped create the "deadly" space station.  

The project used a plethora of materials to put together, including a whopping 2,000 feet of PVC pipe and 18 cans of paint, the video noted.

Of course, for the finishing touch, the Death Star was lifted onto the house with a crane. Yes, a crane.

The Death Star is expected to stay up until sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, according to Make.

After that, we can only hope Powell builds a giant Millennium Falcon. 


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