Dad Busts His Daughter For Drinking In The Most Epic Way Possible

Dad, FTW.

Dear teens, if you're trying to hide alcohol from your parents, you're going to have to do a whole lot better than just tossing the bottle in your sock drawer. Such was the lesson learned by one Texas teen who tried to pull a fast one on pops.

Twitter user @glovelacee, who goes by Elainey, posted this video recently, explaining that her dad had busted her for having booze.

"Soooooo my parents found this bottle I was hiding in my room and this happened......" she tweeted along with this video.


Turns out, while Elainey was away on a little trip, dad found something he didn't want her to have.

"When you get home, I'd like to talk to you about this," dad says smiling, before his expression changes and he pulls out a bottle of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. It seems Elainey may have been drinking underage, and not only is it against the law, dad wasn't too pleased about it either.

Perhaps it fell out of a sock, and into the drawer where it was found, dad says sarcastically. Or perhaps it's part of a rumored burglary ring that breaks into people's houses and hides whisky where it shouldn't be, he suggests, adding that they may want to get in touch with the police to report it. Otherwise, it's time for Elainey to 'fess up.

Props to dad for sending a loud and clear message. We'd expect the teen to be terrified of coming home to face the music, but she tweeted it for the world to see. It's been re-tweeted over 10,000 times and liked by over 20,000 people. We tried reaching out to Elainey to see if she ever came clean but haven't heard back.

Her dad isn't the only fed-up parent. Just days ago we reported the story of two New Mexico parents who are banishing their son to the backyard during the daytime to teach him a lesson for his disrespectful behavior. Parents really are getting clever with how they discipline. 



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