Dad Crashes Car, Then Delivers His Baby In The Front Seat

Delivering a baby is no easy feat, but this dad pulled it off -- after crashing his car.

Colorado couple Sergey and Angela Sushko were a bit caught off guard when Angela went into labor ten days early. Navigating icy roads, Sergey hit a curb and popped a tire along the way to the hospital. And when the couple finally reached the hospital parking lot, they had run out of time.

"I’m running as fast as I can to get the wheelchair, open the [car] door and she’s like, ‘I’m doing it. It's coming,'” Sergey said, according to Colorado's CW2.

"I scooched a little forward on the reclined part of the seat and he came out," Angela told local news station KDVR.

The couple's son, Elijah, entered the world with his umbilical chord wrapped around his neck, but days later he is healthy and happy.

"He's mostly gonna be bragging [about] how he [was] born," Angela joked.

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