This Dad-Daughter Conversation Will Make You Want To Call Your Parents

The moment you realize your parent is just a human and fallible as you.

At some point in your life, you realize your parents are only human: They make mistakes and are probably more like you than you ever recognized growing up.

In the latest installment from “The And,” an interactive documentary series about relationships and familial love, a single dad and daughter from the Netherlands sit down for a heartfelt conversation that touches on their similarities and the challenges they’ve faced together.

The father, Jhein, admits that it worries him that Rosa, the daughter he’s raised on his own since the divorce, is so similar to him.

“You’re so much like me and I haven’t made it easy for myself in my life,” he says. “I see you going that way, too, and I don’t want that for you. When I worry about this, I hope you’ll reassure me that it’s OK that you are the way you are.”

“It’s OK,” Rosa sweetly reminds her dad.

Watch Jhein and Rosa’s full conversation in the video above.

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