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Dad Drives Kids Bonkers Making Ramen From Their Exact Instructions

Dry noodles everywhere!

A dad has learned how to annoy the crap out of his kids by asking them to write exact instructions on how to cook a dish and then trying to follow them.

Josh Gaines, known online as Josh Darnit, is back with another “Exact Instructions Challenge” with his family. This time, he asked them to teach him how to make ramen.

The funny dad tried to follow his kids’ steps, but ended up getting dry noodles everywhere and pouring hot water directly on the ramen package. Needless to say, the kids were frustrated.

Gaines told HuffPost the noodles came from fans who sent the family snacks after watching their last exact instructions challenge video.

“They sent us dried almond fish, hard boiled quail eggs, dehydrated squid, seaweed, plus the noodles they wanted us to do an exact instructions challenge with,” he said.

Despite driving his kids bananas, Gaines was a good sport. After his daughter offered some decent instructions on making the noodles, they still were crunchy and the seasoning wasn’t spread throughout, but Gaines ate them anyway.

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