Dad Gets Honest In Funny Late Note To His Daughter's School


An Israeli dad's viral late note gives high praise to his parenting partner.

On November 18, author Hanoch Daum posted a Facebook photo of a handwritten note, in which dad Shalom Misk had written to his daughter Talia's teacher.

The note reads:

To Talia's teacher

Late Note

Good morning teacher!

Dad is not Mom. And Dad can't do in one hour what Mom can do in half an hour.

Therefore, Talia is late.



The post received almost 80,000 likes in just one day, with many other moms and dads sharing their own funny late notes in the comments section. Misk's wife Deenah also commented with a message of love for her husband. "And he is an amazing dad," she added.

Kudos to this parent for showing his partner he appreciates how much she does for her family.

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