This Dad Got The Best Christmas Present.. He Heard His Daughter's Voice For The First Time

Ken Stehle has been deaf for more than 50 years, but with some technological magic, he heard his daughter sing for the first time last weekend.

Ashley Stehle, 15, is a member of Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School's advanced show choir in St. Louis, Mo., according to KSDK.

At her Christmas concert on Sunday, her dad wore his new hearing aid, which allowed him to listen to the sound of Ashley's voice.

"He was just closing his eyes and listening to my voice," Ashley told the news channel. "He didn't really care if he was seeing me because he has always seen me. He wanted to hear me and that was just awesome."

In September, we wrote about a deaf 7-year-old from Guatemala who heard his family's voice for the first time thanks to a new hearing device. And last July, a 14-month-old girl heard herself for the first time after receiving a cutting-edge cochlear implant.

Watch Ashley Stehle's entire performance below:

CORRECTION: This article previously stated that Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School is in St. Peters, Mo. The school is in St. Louis, Mo.



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