'Dad In A Box': Joshua Carr Returns From Afghanistan, Surprises Daughter On Her Birthday (VIDEO)


A 3-year-old girl unwrapping her birthday present got the gift of a lifetime: Dad.

Joshua Carr had been deployed in Afghanistan, but managed to make it home just in time for little Bridget's birthday. So he decided to give himself as a gift.

"My mother wrapped the box and cut the bottom out, so when I arrived at my parents' house (where my daughter lived while I was deployed), my mom placed the box over me as I crouched down," he told Stars and Stripes. "The hardest part was holding the sides to keep the box from moving. I didn't want to shake the box too early and scare my daughter."

It was Carr's second deployment in Bridget's short lifetime, making her reaction doubly priceless.

The video was posted in September so out-of-town family could watch the reunion, but it's been going viral since President's Day.

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